What is Organization Contacts?

Coremail Organization Contacts is a mobile organzation contacts.So by connecting to Internet,logging in mailbox and open Organization Contacts,user can see complete information in Organization Contacts.

How to use Organization Contacts?

Click "Organization Contacts" on the Function List,and select Department and Contacts you'd like to mail in the navigation bar of Organization Contacts.Click "Compose Mail",and you can edit your mail.
Or when you are to compose mail,click "recipients".An adding contacts window will pop up automatically,and you can select Organization Contacts at the bottom of the window to add an contact fast.

How to add the contacts belonging to Organization Contacts to Personal Contacts?

1) The instructions below work with adding contacts,not departments.If you select department,"Add to Personal Contacts" will be disabed and in grey.
2) Select an contact,and click "Add to Personal Contacts" drop-down list to select an group to add.The information of this contact is both saved to Personal Contacts and Organization Contacts.If you add contacts successfully, you will receive "Add N users to Personal Contacts successfully" message.
3) If the information of this contact exist in Personal Contacts, the system will update this contact's information according to the email address of this contact.
4) If you select department and contacts at the same time and then click "Add to Personal Contacts",you will receive the message "Add only address to Personal Contacts and the directory you selected will be ingnored.Click "Yes" add contact only to Personal Contacts.
5) If the number of contacts you'd like to add exceed the limit of Personal Contacts,the system will add previous contacts,ignore the remaining and prompt message "Full capacity of Personal Contacts".

What is security classification for mails? What is the function of security classification?

1) Coremail provides new feature about security classification for mails and receivers on webmail. (Include Organization Contacts, Draft, Sent, etc).There are four levels of security classification. They are Public, Internal, Confidential, Top secret. When you send emails, you must select certain security classification to match mails security classification with receivers'. System will prompt related message if the classifications do not match.

2) Sending security classification: Senders are allowed to send mails with or under selft-classfication. For example, Confidential sender can send mails with or under Confidential classification but Top secret.

3) Receiving security classification: Receivers are allowed to check mails with or under self-classifiction. For example, Confidential receiver can receive mails with or under Confidential classification but Top secret.